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The Museum of Colonial History in Aba

Abia State Aba, Abia, Nigeria

The National Museum of Colonial History in Aba was opened in 1985. The museum’s building, which is also a national monument, was brought in from Britain in the 1890s and assembled at Akwete to serve as a trade station. Its collection consists of objects relating to the colonial period in Nigeria and the country’s path to nationhood, old Nigerian money and relics of the slave trade era.

There it was, the Old Consulate Building of the then Eastern Central State located at 6 Ikot Ekpene Road, Aba, completely in a bad shape for any formal use. However, Mr. Ebenezer Onyoma was drafted there as head of the station and the process of its transfer was initiated and culminated in what is presently known as the National Museum of Colonial History, Aba, Nigeria.

After the transfer, renovation work on the building as well as the erection of other buildings that will make up the museum complex was started and continued until early 1985. Similarly, a group of ethnographers were assembled with focus on write-ups and collection of material culture on colonial matters intended towards setting up of a museum. On March 8, 1985, the museum was officially commissioned by the then Governor of Imo State, Brigadier Ike Nwachukwu.

In the pre-commissioning brief by Dr Ekpo Eyo on 7th March, 1985, who was the founding father, the museum was the first of its kind in Nigeria and indeed Africa. The purpose of the museum according to Eyo among other things was: a) to show a variety of tongues and traditions which have been welded together into a nation by European imperialists who came as traders, explorers and missionaries;

b) to show what happened from the early contact period through the colonial era to independence
c) to compliment written texts on the subject (colonial history) for easy assimilation by students and museum public
d) to offer facilities for relaxation to visitors in the museum kitchen, which sells traditional food and drinks (African delicacies and palm wine).

The collections of items in the museum include historical events in the form of photograph and write-ups. The museum has a total of 415 historical collections, 310 ethnographic objects and 151 archeological objects listed there. This mode of photographic display of historical events in a colourful order, helps visitors and students to the place for relaxation and research to easily appreciate our colonial history. Good road network, restaurants, hotels, and other facilities will make your visit to this museum truly adventurous.

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Aba, Abia, Nigeria

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