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 Welcome to the Hometown Database Project

The Hometown.ng™ Database Project is a web application designed to integrate thousands of villages, towns and cities into the globalization trend by capturing their histories, lacks, cultures, expectations, festivals, photographs, people, contacts, sacred ties, aesthetics, economy, demographics, etc., into one central database that will be accessible to the general public and government as a form of traditional encyclopedia.

Our biggest objective is to connect people to their hometowns

The Hometown Database Project will not only reflect the everyday activities of villages to the world but will also connect people to their villages and villages to the government. It will be a one point contact for people to see through villages and for villages to be seen through the World Wide Web.

Hometown.ng™ is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the name Hometown Development Initiative.

 Meet the TEAM


It is our belief, dream and philosophy that boundaries should no longer exist! The Hometown.ng Database Project is our first hypothesis towards affirming this philosophy.


Integrating and bridging the gap between rural life and cultures of the rural area with other parts of the world, together with their government is certainly a major way of implementing this philosophy while opening a new window between rural demographics and the world of research. We would no longer continue to depend on foreign based institutions to learn about our own local own places.


We believe that we can develop a local database that will not only reliably but accurately describe the local places and people from a traditional perspective. This is the foundation upon which Hometown.ng is built.

Tony Osborg is a creative & analytic writer whose interest ranges from investigative journalism to politics, sociopolitical criticisms, photography and policy formulation. He is the Founder of Hometown.ng

Email; tony.osborg@hometown.ng

Phone; +234 81 34941730

Raymond Temisaren is the Founder of Change Organisation Nigeria (CON). Temisaren holds a Master’s Degree in Marine Transport & Management. He holds 25% shares in Hometown.ng and coordinates the international activities of the initiative.

Email; raymond.temisaren@hometown.ng

Phone; +44 7933515454

Tracy Adole is an environmental scientist & activist, and currently a PhD research student at the University of Southampton. She is married and has a lovely daughter Alicia Adole. Tracy is a lead facilitator of Hometown.ng.

Email; tracy.adole@hometown.ng

Tel; +44 7958206707

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