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5 Great Things to do in Obudu

hills of obudu

The beautiful Obudu hills

Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nigeria and with its spectacular views, temperate climate and outdoor activities, it’s not hard to see why.  Here are 5 great things to do at that beautiful holiday spot.

1.Enjoy the journey

Okay, this isn’t actually something you do at Obudu but something that happens on the way there.  Still, the journey to Obudu is such a great experience, I had to include it.  Obudu is a 6-hour drive from Calabar, the capital of Cross River.  Although the drive is long, it’s an interesting one.  Driving through different local government areas from Calabar to Obanliku (where the Resort is located), you can enjoy the sight of the vegetation as well as the slight differences between the different local governments and villages you pass through.  From Ikom which is about halfway between Calabar and Obanliku, you begin to get the smell of fermentation coming from the cocoa pods being dried by villagers in preparation for them to be sold.  Cocoa of course is the main component of chocolate so when next you bite into a bar of chocolate, think of Cross River.

the long winding road leading to obudu resort

The famous winding road that leads to Obudu Mountain Resort

2.Get high on the cable car

Sorry, this has nothing to do with recreational drugs.  Obudu Mountain Resort is 1576 metres above sea level.  To get there, you can either drive the famously winding 11km road from the bottom of the hill or take the cable car.  The drive takes about 25 minutes while the cable car ride takes about 6 minutes.  With the Resort’s swimming pools at the bottom of the hill, you might find yourself taking the cable car pretty often and you would be making an excellent choice because the ride is an exciting one.  The Obudu cable car ride is the longest in African with arguably the best views so it is definitely a must-do.

the cable cars at obudu resort

Riding on the Obudu cable car is a must-do

3.Walk on air with the Canopy Walkway

Obudu may be a magical place but you definitely can’t walk on air there.  Still, you come close to that when you go on the Canopy Walkway which is 70m above the forest floor.  The Canopy Walkway is a 100m swinging bridge suspended above the forest.  Once across the bridge (and once your heart stops racing from excitement), you can climb a little look-out post from which you get awesome views of some of Nigeria’s beautiful yet rapidly declining forests.  You know that feeling when you’re on a rollercoaster and you’re screaming with excitement and fear yet when you get off, you want to get right back on?  That’s what you get with the Canopy Walkway.

the canopy walk at obudu resort

Being on the swinging Canopy Walkway in Obudu is probably the most exciting walk you’ll ever take

4.Visit tourist attractions nearby

At Obudu, you can kill several birds with one stone – literally if you wanted to as the Resort’s forests are home to a large number of birds.  I was joking about killing birds though.  The forest and all of its creatures are jealously protected by the Cross River State Government.  But speaking of killing several birds with one stone, there are a few great sights fairly close to Obudu; for example, the Afi Forest Reserve and Agbokim Waterfalls are both within 3 hours drive of the Resort and are worthy of a visit.

agbokim waterfalls

The Agbokim Waterfalls are only a 3-hour drive from Obudu and are worth visiting.

5.Enjoy the good times

Quite a few outdoor activities like hiking, horse-riding and swimming are available at Obudu but ultimately, the Resort is a place for relaxation.  It’s the place to get away from the noise of the city and just relax.  From sitting around the bonfire held almost every night to relaxing in front of the fireplace at one of the Resort’s main lounges, there are many spots at the Resort where you can still your mind and be at rest.

one of the indoor seating areas at obudu resortOne of the indoor sitting areas where you can lounge in front of a fire.


For information on how o book holidays to Obudu Mountain Resort, email obudures@yahoo.com

Obudu can get very cold.  Temperatures sometimes go as low as 4oC during the rainy season (June to September) so dress warm.  The dry season runs from November to January.

Pack comfortable shoes.  To enjoy Obudu Mountain Resort, you’ll do a lot of walking.


Source: http://www.lapesoetan.com/5-great-things-to-do-in-obudu/

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