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Opi Lake & Waterfalls

Enugu State Enugu, Nigeria

Opi has more than seven lakes connected to one another to form a network. It is usually called ‘Opi Lake System ’. The lakes are Eze-agu iyi, Ogelube, Uhere, Orufu, Ikpa, Nkpo and Ozzi (the largest among the lakes). Ozzi is located at Ugwu-ozioko and is about 9m deep and 7km wide. Its depth and width enables the smooth movement of locally made canoe from one end to another. Eze-agu iyi and Ogelube lakes are in close proximity with a separated distance of about 50m. Uhere River flows in between Eze-agu iyi and Ogelube lakes providing a sand beach, crocodiles and other aquatic species. The presence of these animals is supported by the thick vegetation around the lakes with an excellent breathtaking landscape. Ikpa Lake is located south of Eze-agu iyi and Ogelube lakes. It covers about 2km surrounded by a dense forest. This lake is unique for its religious implication. It is an important worship place by faithful of traditional religion. Orufu and Nkpo are located towards the east of Ikpa Lake (about 2km from Ikpa Lake) with a variety of tourism potential awaiting development. These special and well connected lakes make up “Opi Lake System”. A tour could take tourists almost round of Opi-agu, the headquarters of the communities that these lakes inter-connect. There is also a waterfall locally called “Uhere” situated at Ogbozalla Opi. Like Ogbagada waterfall in Ezeagu, Uhere waterfall also has the potential of announcing the death of somebody through an intensive and frightening loud sound as it falls.


Reference; http://enugustatetourismboard.com/pages/opi-lake-waterfalls

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Enugu, Nigeria

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