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Okpare Olomu Community

Okpare Olomu

Okpare Olomu Community

Okpare Olomu

Okpare people are known for farming and trading.

In the history of Urhobo land, Okpare Olomu was the epicentre of British and European Commercial and administrative actions in the inland regions of western Niger Delta

It was in Okpare that the British, the French and Dutch set up their inland headquarters. They relied on waters, the rivers and creeks of the area. Converging in Okpare served so well.

Moreover the first British colonial court in Urhobo land was opened in 1901 in Okpare

Okpare has a Tradition Elders Council.

The Eldest man is called okpako r’Orere

Okpako r’Orere is the traditional father of the community with the major roles of prayer, Advice and blessings during inauguration, Appointment and other ceremonies.

Okere urhobo in warri migrants from okpare settled in warri

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