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Rivers State Rivers State, Nigeria

The small Nkoro tribe of the Ijaw people lives in southeastern Rivers State, Nigeria. Nkoro settlements include: Nkoro, Ayama, Dema, The cultural traditions have been influenced by its proximity to the Andoni, the Ogoni, and the Ndoki Igbo. The Nkoro dialect is primarily Ijaw-based, but has some Igbo influences. One section of Nkoro town, Afakani, speaks an entirely different dialect from the rest of the clan. The clan sometimes refers to itself as Kala-Kirika (“Little Okrika”), reflecting the widely held belief that the clan was established by migrants from Okrika. Historically, the Nkoro waged war with the Ogoni. Eventually, however, a truce was negotiated and a market was established at Inyaba where the Nkoro could exchange fish for Ogoni farm goods. Wars were also fought against the Bonny and Andoni tribes.

The Nkoroo people are an Ijaw people living in Nkoroo, Rivers State, Nigeria, numbering about 4,700 (1989). The Nkoroo live in a close relationship with the Defaka, with both groups living in the same town (Nkoro town). They speak their own language, called Nkoroo. The Nkoroo people refer to themselves and their language as ‘Kirika’, though ‘Nkoroo’ (or Nkọrọọ) is the standard name used by outsiders and in the scholarly literature.

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Rivers State, Nigeria

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