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Minna, Niger, Nigeria

Minna is a city (estimated population 304,113 in 2007) in west central Nigeria. It is the capital of Niger State, one of Nigeria’s 36 federal states, It consists of 2 major ethnic groups which are called the Nupe and Gwari’s.


Archaeological evidence suggests settlement in the area dates back to about 47,000-37,000 years ago. Muslim culture filtered into Minna by way of the ancient Saharan trade routes and the city contains many mosques and Muslim organizations. Christianity is a major population in Niger State, where Sharia is valid. Faith Church, a Grace Baptist Church, Nupe Kalvari Churches, Anglican Churches, ECWA Churches, Baptist Churches, Victory Christian Church, The Apostolic Church and many others too numerous to mention. Minna is the home of Nigeria’s former military President Gen. Ibrahim B. Babangida, and of former Head of State Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar. Dr. Mu`azu Aliyu Babangida was the former governor of Niger State. He served a term of eight years (2007-2015). Abubakar Sani Bello who is a business tycoon and a multi-billonaire is the present governor of Niger state who took over from the opposition party ruling candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party candidate Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, serving his first term in office.


Cotton, guinea corn, and ginger are the main agricultural products of the city. Yam is also extensively cultivated throughout the city. The economy also supports cattle trading, brewing, shea nut processing and gold mining. There are also FMCGs such as PZ Cussons that deal in toilet soaps, baby products,medicaments and so on. [2] Traditional industries and crafts in Minna include leather work and metalworking,


Minna is connected to neighboring cities by road. Abuja, the capital of the country, is only 150 km away. Minna is also connected by railroad to both Kano in the north and Ibadan and Lagos in the south which is also border by Ilorin city. The city is served by Minna Airport.


Minna boast of a host of educational institutions among them are, The federal university of science and technology, Niger state school of health, Niger state school of nursing and Midwifery, Niger state university of Education among others. Mawo international school, Himma international school, Police secondary school, El-Amin international school, New horizon college, Mypa schools minna among a lot others are the pioneering high schools in minna.


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Minna, Niger, Nigeria

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