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Ozoro, Nigeria
Ozoro is the headquarters of the Isoko North Local Government Area, one of the two administrative units in the Isoko region of Delta State, southern Nigeria. Ozoro had been incorrectly spelt “Usoro”...


Ibeku Road, Umuahia, Nigeria
Ibeku are a clan of the Igbo people of Nigeria. Ibeku is contained in the Umuahia North Local Govt, political division, of Abia state in the eastern part of...

Njuwa Fishing Festival

Bagale, Adamawa, Nigeria
Njuwa is an annual fishing festival performed by the Buatiye (Bata) people of Rugange, Njoboliyo, Dasin, Dulo, Bagale, Dagri, and Vunoklan villages of Adamawa Emirate....

Koma Hills

Yola, Adamawa, Nigeria
The Koma Hills are located on the mountainous fringes bordering the Republic of Cameroon in the Jada LGA. The Koma (the inhabitants of the hills)...

Mandara Mountains

Adamawa, Nigeria
Mandara Mountains,  volcanic range extending about 120 miles (193 km) along the northern part of the Nigeria-Cameroon border from the Benue River (south) to Mora, Cameroon (north). The mountains...

Sukur Cultural Landscape

Madagali, Adamawa, Nigeria
The Sukur Cultural Landscape, with the Palace of the Hidi (Chief) on a hill dominating the villages below, the terraced fields and their sacred symbols,...

Akwete Cloth Weaving in Ukwa East LGA

Akwete, Abia, Nigeria
Akwete cloth is made from Ukwa East Local Government Area, Abia state, Nigeria. Towns where these traditional industries are located comprises the following towns and...

The Museum of Colonial History in Aba

Aba, Abia, Nigeria
The National Museum of Colonial History in Aba was opened in 1985. The museum’s building, which is also a national monument, was brought in from...


The Urhobos are people of southern Nigeria, near the northwestern Niger delta. The Urhobo is the major ethnic group in Delta State. The Urhobos speak...

Afemai People

Auchi, Edo, Nigeria
The Afemai people, also spelled Afenmai are a group of people living in the northern part of Edo State south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Afemai...


Benue, Nigeria
The Kofyar are a population in central Nigeria numbering around 50,000. After several anthropological studies, they provide good illustrations of how colonial authorities become unwittingly...


Taraba State, Nigeria
The Kuteb (or Kutep) people are an ethno-linguistic group in West Africa, who speak the Kuteb language. The Kuteb Language is influenced by the Hausa...