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Ibeku Road, Umuahia, Nigeria
Ibeku are a clan of the Igbo people of Nigeria. Ibeku is contained in the Umuahia North Local Govt, political division, of Abia state in the eastern part of...

Njuwa Fishing Festival

Bagale, Adamawa, Nigeria
Njuwa is an annual fishing festival performed by the Buatiye (Bata) people of Rugange, Njoboliyo, Dasin, Dulo, Bagale, Dagri, and Vunoklan villages of Adamawa Emirate....

Koma Hills

Yola, Adamawa, Nigeria
The Koma Hills are located on the mountainous fringes bordering the Republic of Cameroon in the Jada LGA. The Koma (the inhabitants of the hills)...

Video of the Month- History of Kano City State and Hausaland

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